Welcome to my blog, this This will be the first of many posts from me about things that I find interesting and or difficult.

I work within the digital space in advertising.

The day to day of this line of work can be very taxing on the brain and very stressful.

This is such a fast paced environment to be in as a developer, you’re often left looking for the quick option rather than the long term fix of a problem.

Yes, this isn’t the correct way we should be doing things, but sometimes it’s the only way. This makes me question my job as a developer, I want to produce clean well written and tested code every time. ¬†Unfortunately the nature of the beast is very different.

I often think that it’s people’s lack of understanding within the digital space, this could be within web, SEM, SEO or even email (the most frustrating of all).

From sales through design, right through to development, we never seem to all be on the same page with how things fit together.

Development seems to always be the last on the list in the process of campaign planning, sales will always promise something in a time frame that is difficult to achieve.

This always seems the way. I don’t think this will change in the near future either.

As much as unrealistic time lines, grouchy clients and frustrating sales teams, I do actually think that everyone should experience the agency side of things, it’s very eye opening. It also teaches you how to work effectively to very tight deadlines and under pressure.

Let’s not forget that a good agency can have a great atmosphere and some great people who make the time fun, they also know how to work hard play hard and how to let their hair down, making things at times seem less stressful.